Air freight solutions for time sensitive cargo

It’s crunch time. Your freight is on a tight timeline to get to its destination. Or, maybe its high value freight. Either way, domestic or international air is the only way to go to get it there when you need it. Which air cargo service should you choose? We can help you explore your options quickly and select the ones that are right for your air freight when time is of the essence.

As close to real time as freight can get

You can choose from a variety of air options. We have U.S. and Puerto Rico premium, secondary, and deferred air services—plus international air. If you need other services, we offer our air cargo screening in Chicago and Los Angeles, bonded warehousing options for added security, customs and deferred VAT programs, and freight consolidation strategies at international gateways. All of these options help get your freight to its destination.

Fulfill your promise of urgent delivery

Let’s put our heads together and share this challenge. We can help you develop a sophisticated, yet workable solution. And you can track your shipments, no matter how they move through the supply chain, using our Navisphere® global technology. It all adds up to this: an accelerated supply chain that can meet tight deadlines.