Customs mastery: your ticket to imports

Customs—it’s a language of its own. From preparing documentation properly for customs clearance to understanding changing compliance laws, it may seem like more trouble than it’s worth to import. But there is an easier way to get the answers you need. And, the way you approach customs and trade compliance services can reduce obstacles and keep your freight moving. Our Trusted Advisor® experts are passionate about helping you through the customs process.

Bringing perspective to customs

You want to get it right—ISF filings, bonds, duties, and taxes. But to do that, you would need to study the customs regulations for years and perhaps become a Licensed Customs Broker. Instead, leverage our licensed, in-house customs brokers to answer your complex questions and support your business strategy. This combination enables you to work with suppliers and customers anywhere in the world.

Spreading knowledge about customs compliance

You are most likely to prevent customs fines and freight detention when everyone in your organization knows their compliance accountabilities. Our trade compliance experts offer training to avoid situations that put your company at risk, help you develop a policy and procedure manual, and conduct compliance audits. We also consult with you on tariff classifications and antidumping and countervailing duties to help you maximize compliance and reduce costs.

What you get when you understand customs and compliance

With C.H. Robinson, you have three powerful forces on your side: our know-how; a complete portfolio of logistics and customs and compliance services; and global visibility through our Navisphere® technology. This combination can help Accelerate Your Advantage® around the world.